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"Sydney ( roseskullpocketwatch ) nominated me for the ice bucket challenge so… Here we go!”


She quietly squealed and jumped a few times, smiling wide and giggling.

"Well… I needed to get clean anyway! As for nominating people…" She paused, trying to figure out someone she knew. She really didn’t know very many people. "Let’s go with… ( thepricewasright ), Setzer ( blackjackfalcon ), Loki ( frostandfidelity and thebrokengodofmischief ), and finally Dawn ( dawn-of-a-new-beginning )!”

Send “I dare you to kiss…” with a url/name and my muse will have to kiss that person on the lips.



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The woman saw the strangely dress’d figure and assumed she must have a very unique asterisk. Measured for yer chains she was. Either that, or she was very far in the depths of underground Florem. That wasn’t a good place to be, but it had never frightened the Proprietress before. Wenches and knaves abound, but ‘innocent’ was perhaps what the former rapscallion had grown into. The bartender had seen a lot in her days. Now she liv’d a more peaceful life. So why is she now in the danks with this lassie?

"And your name is?"

"What’s your name, my fellow?"

Not knowing who the lady was, Ashley wasn’t exactly sure if she should tell her what her real name was or not. If the lady knew any police, Ashley could in more trouble. Or she could just be some random lady. Better to be safe than sorry. “My name’s Terra, nice to meet you.” She lied, smiling softly. “And your name?” The skater couldn’t help but look over the woman, studying her clothes in an attempt to see where she was from, but alas nothing came to mind. Of course she hadn’t really traveled, so trying to figure out where the lady was from was quite silly to try and do.




"Not at all", Odin spoke gently. He was pleased with the girl’s good manners, and lifted the brim of his hat to reveal a good-natured smile. "I was simply observing your workings. May I ask, what is the prupose of these pictures?"

Seeing the other smile, Ashley gently smiled back. He seemed okay and she didn’t get a bad vibe from him. Maybe he was just some old homeless guy? Hearing his rather polite question, she glanced back over to the freshly painted wall. “The purpose? Hm…” She gave a small shrug. “Just a hobby really. I like to create works of art for people to enjoy.” 

"You are an artist? That is a worthy occupation." Odin nodded, observing the painting with his one eye. "Although, judging by the time of the night, and your somewhat careful attitude, I would say not all see this art of yours as a desired one, hm?"

Hearing his comments caused Ashley to smile and laugh softly. “That would be correct.” She nodded. “It is a bit less then desirable to everyone.” Looking from the wall to the man then back to the wall, she smiled more softly and warmly. “But really I hope that if they look at it, I mean really look at it, maybe they would realize how much work, time, talent and practice it takes to make some of the things you see around town.” The skater laughed again and smiled wide, turning to the man once more. “And besides, it’s in an alley! If anything, I’m making the alley way better!”

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((Woohoo! All the art I have gotten of Ashley!

Top: After a shower Ashley. Look how nice and clean she is xD (My friend Lori)

Left and center are chibi Ashley! Nice, clean, fancy Ashley and then street clothes Ashley! :D (Again, Lori)
Right: Ashley doing the ice bucket challenge! (My friend Xombie) (Also, yeah we totally had a miscommunication and Ash suddenly had blonde hair)

Bottom:Left: Setzer and Ashley ( blackjackfalcon )
Middle: Black and white picture of Ashley ( elbokorojo )
Right: The first picture I ever got of Ashley! :’D ( thepricewasright ) ))




"If you could ice skate, I’m sure rollerblading wouldn’t be that difficult. I picked up on ice skating quite quickly!" Ashley smiled quite proudly. Casually skating around Dawn, Ashley tiredly stretched out then leaned against the nearby wall. "So you live around here? I don’t believe I’ve seen you around before."


"Oh, no, no." Dawn quickly shook her head. "I live in the Sinnoh region. I just decided to get away from home for a while… seeing the same things everyday gets a bit boring, you know." She laughed quietly, mainly to herself. Nothing was really found funny to her, honestly. Maybe it was just the excitement of meeting a new person kicking in. "I guess that also explains why I’ve been ice skating, but never rollerblading before. Sinnoh’s a lot cooler than it is here."

Sinnoh region? Where exactly was that? Of course Ashley didn’t have much money so she didn’t exactly get to travel much, but it sounded quite nice from the name and the fact it was colder. “Sounds cool! Literally!” Ashley laughed. “Maybe I’ll go some day.” She put her hands behind her back and smiled softly. “I bet it’s nice to be able to travel. It’s always been a dream of mine actually. Go around, see the big world that we have… sounds nice, huh?”


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